Tansa 探査 – Japanese threads of influence

Making and Process

Tansa, the Japanese word for exploration, is the link that binds this Anglo-Japanese exhibition. The project began with exploration – a research visit to textile workshops, galleries and studios in Japan, undertaken by 18 UK artists, led by Professor Lesley Millar, Director of the International Textile Research Centre at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

South Hill Park will be hosting an exhibition of large works – which draw from the techniques, methods, research and approaches learnt in Japan – to produce a celebration of Tansa: Japanese threads of influence.

Tansa miniatures will be on show at the Crafts Study Centre, Farnham from Tue 4 Jan – Sat 26 March.

Artists: Dr Beverly Ayling-Smith, Dr Gail Baxter, Susan Blandford, Dr Linda Brassington, Jennifa Chowdhury, Evie Francis, Janice Gunner, Sian Highwood, Peta Jacobs, Jennifer Jones, Annette Mills, Gina Pierce, Dr Carol Quarini, Paula Reason, Hermione Thomson, Dawn Thorne, Kendall Clarke.