Karen, June 2019

After a crochet lesson with Susan Blandford I started to crochet. It is aleays good to challenge yourself mentally by learning a new skill. By concentrating on what you are doing you are not focusing on the things that are worrying or stressing you. It also provides a excellent distraction from chronic pain. You also get a hugh sense if achievement when you complete each piece of work.

Helen, March 2016

"I've always wondered how to crochet and thanks to Susan's patience in
teaching me, now have the tools (or rather knowledge) to be able to make things and read patterns. It's a great hobby that can be taken anywhere".


Cate Field
Lecturer Art & Design Guildford College

Susan ran a crochet workshop for my first and second year A Level Textiles students. It was informative, practical and enormous fun. Susan has a great technique for teaching all sorts of learners, and has endless patience.

My students all really enjoyed the workshop and several of them decided to incorporate crochet in their projects.
I would strongly recommend Susan's crochet workshops.

Denise, April 2016, New Zealand

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my first crochet rug. I'm pretty new to crochet, and even though I've been knitting since I was a child I've always found crochet to be such a challenge!

I eventually learned to crochet a beanie by watching a video, but I still found it pretty hard going! For some reason, I find it really difficult to understand a crochet pattern!

Being able to message you and send you progress pictures of where I'd got to with my rug was so helpful! Even though we are on opposite sides of the world, it was like having you in the room with me, checking on where I'd got to and giving me tips on what to do next. Even the time difference between the UK and New Zealand didn't seem to slow things down!

I understand much more now how crochet is adaptable in ways that knitting isn't, and that it doesn't necessarily follow the same rules!

Thank so much. I'm sure I'll be in touch again from all the way here in New Zealand!